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    Kabbalah Tree Of Life | Crystal Journal

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    What is written will be sacred

    With our Kabbalah Tree of Life Journal, feel in sync with the collective consciousness when you write, and set that intention to align yourself with whatever forces of unseen love and wisdom that drive you in your purpose. 

    The Tree of Life, also known as Kabbalah, is a spirituality-inspired diagram with origins stemming from various age-old traditions. It typically consists of 10 or 12 nodes, which symbolize facets of the collective human consciousness, a higher power, and the undying mystery of existence. The nodes are typically arranged into 3 pillars and connected by a series of lines, representing their simultaneous distinction and connection to each other. 

    Our Kabbalah Journal comes with the Tree of Life inscribed into the front cover, with crystals embedded in coordination with the tree’s nodes, that also correspond with their respective colors. 

    When we write with mindful intention to not only honor, but chanel a specific source of divine and limitless creation, we write with added purpose to our pen. Allow the Kabbalah Tree of Life Journal to inspire that added purpose.

    Kabbalah Tree Of Life | Crystal Journal

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