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    Flower Of Life Amethyst Bookmark

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    Mark Your Energy

    The Flower Of Life is a series of infinite overlapping circles that form a beautiful flower. It is used as a basic blueprint for all sacred geometric forms. Since we know that the Universe revolves around sacred geometry and numerology, the Flower of life is the blueprint of the Universe.


    The Flower Of Life is considered the creation pattern of everything in existence, including existence itself. You see, the Flower Of Life is unity, reminding us that existence is one, and we are all one. 


    The Flower Of Life can be found throughout many sacred and ancient civilizations. Everything in the Universe is sacred geometry, and the Flower Of Life acts as a base for all sacred geometry.


    The Flower Of Life Amethyst Bookmark comes attached to a genuine amethyst crystal. Amethyst's beautiful color is a rich to light purple color, and this color is associated with the Crown Chakra (Samsara or Sahasrara).

    Flower Of Life Amethyst Bookmark

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