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    Rose Quartz Zen Pen

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    Rose Quartz attracts Universal Love. Through hard a difficult times, Rose Quartz supports emotional and relationship healing. This is because of the Vibration of Love it emits. Many consider this crystal to have an immense impact on Love. It could be used for healing your heart chakra, inspire compassion, or help you find the perfect partner. Many are known to integrate Rose Quartz with gratitude, because of the Love and appreciation it is known to give.

    Many people get our Rose Quartz Zen Pen for the (Divine Perfection) page on (The Key To The Universe). Because that page connects you with Divine, and Rose Quartz is connected to the Heart Chakra, it has worked like a charm.

    Putting your intentions into the Pen prior to use will drastically increase its abilities. Everything is Energy. You are what you attract.

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