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    How to Manifest Money



    Once you make that one decision, the Universe will conspire to make it happen.

    Affirmation Of The Day

    I am that I love and believe in everyone around me. I am that I love and believe in myself. Every time new desires arise, I give thanks for already receiving them. I shape my destiny through my heart's desires. I have undoubted certainty that I can attract anything I want into my life just by being what I want. If I want to be wealthy, I must first be wealthy in consciousness. Therefore, I claim, feel, and declare that I am wealthy, prosperous, and abundant. I claim that I am financially free and I can have all the money I desire.

    I am about to experience the largest breakthrough of my life. It is all happening for me. I can feel it. I persist in this feeling and watch as my imagination externalizes right in front of me. I watch the unseen reality unfold before my very eyes. I am living proof that everyone can manifest their desires. I am that I am.

    Utilizing affirmations centered on money and abundance can help you change your attitude toward money. This has an effect on your relationship and attitude toward money, which has an effect on how you attract and manage money.

    Every single thing in our Universe is composed of Energy, Frequency, and Vibration.

    How To Manifest Money


    Many people desire money, riches, and materialistic possessions, and that is okay! You must know there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting any of those things.

    Being powerful is okay, being rich is okay, and having materialistic possessions is okay. You can be Spiritual while living a prosperous life.

    Your desire for abundance should include not only an abundance of material wealth, but an abundance of perfect health, purpose, love, peace, happiness, and joy. Certain individuals are so wealthy with money that they lose sight of everything else they are here to experience.

    Everything is harmoniously attracted by law. You cannot attract what you are not, and since being is the first-hand cause, you must assume you are wealthy, abundant, and prosperous.

    Money, riches, and materialistic possessions are nothing more than the results of maintaining a prosperous and abundant state of consciousness.

    In order to attract these things into your life, you must first be wealthy, prosperous, and abundant in consciousness.

    You cannot attract what you are not aware of being. You must become aware of being what you desire.

    In this case, you must feel yourself to be aware of already being posessing riches. Believe that you posess all you desire without the need for evidence of your senses.

    You must get to a point where your naturalness of being is prosperous, wealthy, and abundant. No matter what you encounter, you believe that you will always be surrounded by mountains of wealth. Your ideas must revolve around different ways to serve others, different ways to learn new skills, and different ways of being more valuable.

    As you continue being prosperous and abundant, the right people will come into your life. You will gather amazing ideas that will serve humanity in ways you couldn't even imagine. Different sources of income will begin to present themselves along with new opportunities and riches, and possessions.

    Know that you are more than capable of earning any money you desire. Know that it is NOT hard work at all, know that it does NOT take a long time. Follow your intuition and focus on your purpose and prosperous opportunities will be attracted naturally.

    Rising in consciousness is INSTANT manifestation. It is the immediate split from your former self to your new self. Believe you are that.

    Once you make that one decision, the Universe will conspire to make it happen.

    The Universe being you, experiencing itself.

    Do not force yourself to do anything, just be. Being is not hard.

    With being naturally doing comes.

    Friendly reminder: When in doubt, do nothing.

    The Universe revolves around energy, frequency and vibration.

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