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    Project 369 - The Key To Wealth, Abundance, & Prosperity

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    The Key To Wealth


    If you desire to live an abundant, prosperous, and wealthy life, this book was written and created for you. It was intended for you to align and see what it is like inside a wealthy, abundant, and prosperous mind. We all know that we don't attract what we want; we attract what we believe to be true about ourselves; we attract what we are.


    This book works by putting you in the frequency of being abundant, prosperous, and wealthy. As you cultivate a wealth consciousness, you will realize that abundance is your birthright. You will realize nothing in the world will stop money from entering your life regardless of what you see in your objective reality. You will rise in consciousness and effortlessly attract a wealthy, abundant, and prosperous life. Be still, and know it is done.

    This is a 33-Day Journal. Within 33 days, you will let go of what needs to be let go, you will embody a way of being that is in harmony with your abundant birthrate, you will reprogram your subconscious mind and make a wealthy life an automatic expression by accepting it as true in the present moment.

    You will be presented with million-dollar ideas. Opportunities of pure service and love will come upon your awareness. The right opportunities will present themselves in divine order. 

    You will meet the right people at the right time,

    You will be at the right place at the right time,

    All will happen in divine timing and divine order.

    Unexpected money will naturally and effortlessly be attracted into your life. The divine bridge of incidents will guide you to the fulfillment of all the riches you could desire.


    Now is the time you claim your birthright. All I ask of you is to feel and believe what you will discover in this book. Give it 33 days and see what happens.

    Project 369 - The Key To Wealth, Abundance, & Prosperity

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