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    Project 369 - The Key to the Universe: Scripture Edition

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    The Scripture Edition 

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    In the Scripture Edition of The Key to the Universe, you will learn the true meaning behind Scripture and how to interpret it properly, the science of spirituality, and ancient teachings, which include sacred mathematics and divine symmetry. Furthermore, you will learn how the Universe is connected through the divine manifestation of the physics of Consciousness.

    You will find the true power that comes when you find God. You will find that the same power that resurrected Christ from the dead is dormant within you.

    We are told that those who seek God get rewarded [Hebrews 11:6], and we are told to seek within [Luke 17:21]. We are told that God will appear and resurrect a second time to save those eagerly waiting for him, but do not be deceived, for God's name is I AM, and I AM is the resurrection and the life. [Hebrews 9:28, John 11:25].

     Evolved Consciousness


    Project 369 facilitates the creation of miracles. People are sharing passionately about how they have manifested millions of dollars, dream businesses, new jobs, dream homes, soulmates, marriages, profound fulfillment, mystical experiences, divine purpose, Oneness, deep healing, recovery from lifetime afflictions like alcoholism, depression, negative self-talk, overthinking, and much more.


    The mysteries of the Universe are boundless, yet certain knowledge has been discovered and shared throughout the ages, including the laws of manifestation. Project 369 offers an evolved expression of those laws, along with new knowledge, and a powerful platform on which to wield them. Abide by the laws brilliantly articulated within Project 369, and you get to have it all.


    One of the primary laws instructs us to use our imagination to sculpt our state of consciousness into alignment with our deepest desires. You will learn exactly how to do this. Once alignment happens, possibility explodes into being, and the Universe conspires with us to breathe life into our visions. As we move forward confidently, the bridge of incidents appears before us, leading directly to our divine destination (and many times beyond). It is one of the most mystical, incredible, and satisfying experiences in the world.


    Project 369 contains the wisdom, science, and platform one requires to align their state of consciousness with their desires to successfully manifest them into reality. Everything you need to know to realize your dreams is in Project 369.


    - Foreword Created by Stephen Sainato



    What Will I Learn?

    You will learn that you are the one and only creator of your reality, manifesting it at every moment. You will learn that there lies a source of infinite power and infinite intelligence within you that is accessible once you become committed to God.


    It is time you awaken to the true nature of reality. Open your heart to the beauty of existence. Realize that beyond your current identity and all of your beliefs, there lies a believer that creates it all. It is time you reconnect with the believer. It is time these secrets are revealed, and you stop looking outside of yourself to save yourself.

    You have been searching for this book. You have been preparing yourself for this book. If you are ready to take the next step in your evolution, this is for you.

    It is time to create the reality you have always dreamed of. It is time for you to reconnect with God and transcend the illusory limitations blocking you from expressing your truest self. I tell you, you already are the person you desire to be. You are the creator of it all. Miracles are on the horizon.

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