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    Project 369 - The Key to Happiness: Gratitude Consciousness

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    The Key to Happiness

    Gratitude Consciousness



    This is not just a happiness book or a gratitude journal; it's a transformative journey toward happiness and the awakening of gratitude consciousness. Unlike traditional gratitude journals, this workbook blends spirituality, neuroscience, and ancient wisdom and knowledge not known to the average individual to recondition your mind and enable you to tap into your innate, powerful abilities so you can discern truth from illusion.

    At its core, The Key to Happiness frees you by showing you that you truly are the creator of your reality and have the ultimate power to choose all your experiences; you just need to reclaim your power from societal conditioning. It urges readers to see beyond the chaos and embrace love as the most vital and potent universal force.

    After a life-changing and life-giving short read, you will come across a workbook/journal that will consist of Mindfulness Meditations, Mantras and Affirmations, Life-Changing Prompts, and a Gratitude Letter that offers numerous ways to express gratitude in your life, whether it be someone, something, or life in itself. We also show you how you can utilize the power of scripting by expressing gratitude for anything you desire and manifest it in your life by doing so, knowing that you will ultimately activate the cosmic forces that will manifest that very thing for you.

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