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    963 Hz | The Frequency of God

    963 Hz Solfeggio Frequency

    Awakening Intuition | Activate your Pineal Gland | Crown Chakra

    963 Hz is frequently referred to as the "Frequency of Gods" and is also referred to as the "pineal gland activator." The Solfeggio frequency of 963 Hz is in tune with the Universe Light and enables direct spiritual contact with it. Additionally, this frequency can help you reconnect with Spirit or the spiritual world's fundamental non-vibrational energy.
    It is the divine connection frequency, and meditating with 963 Hz can assist in building a more intimate connection with the divine.

    Every single thing in our Universe is composed of unique vibrations and energies. When the Crown Chakra awakens and opens, we begin the journey toward ascension and get access to boundless cosmic energy.

    “If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9,
    then you would have the key to the universe.”
    Nikola Tesla

    963 Hz Benefits

    The 963 Hertz, commonly known as "Si," assist in reawakening and restoring any system to its original ideal state. As you meditate, tune into this frequency, being aware of your body and mind, and attempting to release any patterns that are not useful to you.

    • When applied to a cell, it induces a state of "cellular enlightenment" and the cell's transformation to a higher level.
    • This frequency can assist in reactivating your Crown Chakra (Sahasrara) and amplifying positive energy.
    • Restores your connection to the Spirit, or the non-vibrational forces of the spiritual world. It will help you to experience our genuine nature.
    • Aligns one with the Christ Consciousness's higher self, also known as Unconditional Love.
    • Allows for the guidance of Light and Love in our current experience.
    • If you're feel lonely, this frequency will assist you in reconnecting with the rest of the world.

    The Universe revolves around energy, frequency and vibration.

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