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    My Desire Won't Manifest

    "My Desire Won't Manifest If..."

    is a story created by you!

    Affirmation Of The Day


    Today, I surrender all doubts, limitations, and fears. I realize that I Am not in the Universe, but the Universe is in me. I realize that I Am the Universe experiencing itself from one beautiful divine and loving perspective. I Am innocent and loving awareness. I am a spiritual being having a human experience, and this experience can be whatever I desire it to be. I manifest my life the way I desire, and nothing outside of me can stop me from doing what I love to do.


    I make choices every single day. Today, I choose to be prosperous, abundant, healthy and loved. Today, I choose to be what I want to attract. I choose to do to others what I would want to be done to myself. Today, I choose love. I choose to love every little thing I do today. I choose to love every person that walks across my path. Today, I choose to forgive myself, and others. I choose to be who I Am.

    "My Desire Won't Manifest If..."
    is a story created by you!


    We encourage you to detach yourselves to the book. The book itself is not magic. The book is a tool used to unlock the magic that is within you.

    All stories of why you can't do something is created by you. There are no limitations, except the ones you place upon yourself. There is nothing outside of you that can manifest your desires for you. You're the one doing all of the magic. You're the one realizing your vision.

    If you're ever experiencing doubt's like this, or you just keep trying specific methods to manifest and none of them are working, I suggest you stop searching for the perfect method and trust in yourself. It is never okay to attach yourself to a specific method to manifest your desires, because in the end, it is you that is doing the magic and it is you that is manifesting your heart's desires. It is not the book, the method, or whatever it is outside of you.

    Let's talk about Project 369: The Key To The Universe. For example, if you forget to write your manifestations out during a part of the day and as a result, you think your desire won't manifest, you are too attached to the book. It is not Project 369 that is magic, it is you. Believe your desire is already yours. If you want to fill it out in the morning only, then fill it out in the morning only! If you want to fill it out at night, then fill it out at night. The point is that you're filling it out! You're changing your beliefs and your conceptions. You come back to the state of the feeling of the wish fulfilled. You're taking inspired action! The book is there whenever you need it. Don't ever assume you are doing it incorrectly.

    You don't NEED to fill it out everyday! Don't think just because you miss a day means your manifestation won't come. That is another story that is created by you! Whatever you assume will happen, will happen. If you assume your manifestation won't come because of (fill in the blank) then chances are it won't come.

    Let's take an example. Your car breaks down and you don't know what to do. You see a manual in the glove compartment and you open it and read it. The manual itself is not going to fix your car for you, no. You are going to be the one fixing your own car! The manual just provides you with the necessary wisdom, knowledge, and steps in order for you to fix it!

    This concept is the same with the journal. You are the one doing the magic. You are the one manifesting your reality on a quantum level. You're the one!

    YES, we encourage you to fill it 3 times in the morning, 6 times in the afternoon, and 9 times at night. The reason is so you can be in vibrational harmony with your desires! You get reminded who you are and where you're going in the morning, afternoon, and night! You maintain a feeling that is one with the feeling of the wish fulfilled!

    DO NOT script out with doubts in your head. I always say, when in doubt, do nothing. While writing, make sure you're in an ideal state of mind. This is what Project 369 is here for! It is here to put you back in this feeling, even when times aren't the way you desire them to be.

    There is NO specific way of using Project 369. Project 369 is here to ensure your vibrations remain one with your vision and the only way we can ensure that is by telling you to BELIEVE everything you're writing and write it as if you already have it (in the present tense). It starts and ends with belief!

    If you miss a day, it's fine. If you miss a week, it's fine. If you miss a section, it's fine. If you fill out the same affirmation, it's fine. If you fill out different affirmations, it's fine. If you fill out different desires, it's fine. If you fill out the same desire, it's fine. As long as you believe everything you're writing, it's fine. As long as you're feeling what you write to be true, it's fine.

    Do not force yourself to do anything, just be. When scripting, be in a good mood, naturally write your desires and affirmations. Naturally claim yourself to be that which you are writing down. Detach yourself from the book, and from the outcome. It will come to you when you surrender and let go. It will come to you in abundance. Just flow with the Universe.

    Friendly reminder: When in doubt, do nothing.

    “If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9,
    then you would have the key to the universe.”
    Nikola Tesla

    The Universe revolves around Energy, Frequency and Vibration.

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