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    The 396 Hz Solfeggio Frequency

    396 hz solfeggio frequency

    396 Hz Solfeggio Frequency

    Powerful Magnetic Field of Energy | Restore Balance to the Root Chakra.

    396 Hertz Solfeggio Frequency is a fundamental sound healing frequency. This frequency cleanses the sense of guilt, which is frequently one of the primary impediments to enlightenment. Its ramifications begin to manifest themselves in every aspect of our existence. We get pessimistic. The body begins releasing more cortisol, which has an effect on our sleep and wellness.


    Listening to music set to this frequency is extremely beneficial when you want to feel more elevated and confident, as well as give your objectives and dreams more strength. Set the goal to release any bad feelings that are keeping you back as you meditate on this Solfeggio Frequency. Concentrate on the sounds of this calm meditation music and allow them to work with your system as you let go of fear and grief and make a fresh start.

    Additionally, this solfeggio frequency is used to awaken and transform grief into joy. 396 Hz is related with the Root Chakra, our Primary Energy Center, and is utilized to balance it.

    Benefits of 396 Hz Solfeggio Frequency


    • It evokes your Goals with power.
    • It eliminates guilt, even guilt lodged deep in the subconscious mind.
    • It increases your capacity for inner peace.
    • It assists you in overcoming fear, which is frequently the primary impediment to achieving our dreams and goals.
    • Delivers liberation from subliminal negative beliefs and thoughts.
    • Used to restore balance to the Root Chakra.
    • It transforms sadness into joy.

    Everything in this Universe vibrates at a Frequency.

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