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    417 Hz Solfeggio Frequency | Our Second Energy Center

    417 Hz Solfeggio Frequency

    Heals and Balances the Sacral Chakra | Removes Toxins and Negativity

    417 Hz is beautiful Solfeggio tone that is known for its ability to repair and balance the Sacral Chakra, our Second Energy Center. 417 Hz is a frequency that is capable of bringing about change. 417 Hz signifies fresh beginnings.417 Hz is said to be so powerful that it may reverse and undo negative events through the power and process of revision. 417 Hz releases connects you to an infinite energy source that enables you to transform your life.

    Every single thing in our Universe is composed of Energy, Frequency, and Vibration. When your Sacral Chakra opens, it is an incredible and beautiful time. You begin to fully access and embody your real divine essence as the creator of your life experiences.

    Allow this incredible, powerful frequency to vibrate and tune your sacral chakra, removing all negativity, negative energy, blockages, and emotions. Below is 417 Hz Miracle Tone Music that was created specifically for the purpose of removing negative energy from the body.

    “If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9,
    then you would have the key to the universe.”
    Nikola Tesla

    417 Hz Benefits

    • 417 Hz opens your sacral chakra. When your sacral chakra is open, you will have a deeper understanding of the value of your relationships.
    • 417 Hz helps remove negative thoughts and behavior patterns.
    • 417 Hz contributes to the emergence of positive change and creativity.
    • 417 Hz helps you will naturally engage change, morphing, and manifestation.
    • As you welcome changes and completely identify your desires, 417 Hz may cause you to feel a sense of enthusiasm for the future, which can also feel like restlessness.
    • 417 Hz removes Negative Energy from the Body.
    • 417 Hz helps the process of healing from trauma.

    The Universe revolves around energy, frequency and vibration.

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